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     * [//​LynPlexS//​] Change **do** .. **while**, **do** .. **loop** etc to LynPlex rules.     * [//​LynPlexS//​] Change **do** .. **while**, **do** .. **loop** etc to LynPlex rules.
     * [//​LynPlexS//​] Allow **while** and **until** to follow **for**.     * [//​LynPlexS//​] Allow **while** and **until** to follow **for**.
-    * [//​LynPlexS//​] Support **exit loop** as a synonym of **exit do**.  
     * [//​LynPlexS//​] Drop support for **exit do**.      * [//​LynPlexS//​] Drop support for **exit do**. 
     * [//​LynPlexS//​] Support **do loop**. ​     * [//​LynPlexS//​] Support **do loop**. ​

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