LynGuide Changes

Version 0.00.46 2012/07/14

  • Set default print margins to 20mm.
  • Save print margins to ini file.
  • When printing set date to ISO format with slashes.
  • Temporary fix to stop indefinite loop when saving as HTML.
  • Remove temporary fix to overcome bug in wpTreeView_FindItem.

Version 0.00.45 2012/07/13

  • Add Refresh File to File and tab menus.
  • Stop crashing on Save All.

Version 0.00.44 2012/07/01

  • File saving now works on correct files during Project build.
  • Compilation console output is now formatted correctly.
  • Cursor goes to correct column for files without path when double-click on error.

Version 0.00.43 2012/06/26

  • Open 'Replace' dialog in top right corner of screen.
  • Finally cracked line position after undo/redo.
  • Project/Build file format changed slightly.
  • Internal changes to project file handling.
  • Project build now looks for 'build.bat' before creating new build file.
  • Execute now works for all source modules in a project.

Version 0.00.42 2012/06/24

  • Line position after undo/redo improved again.
  • Jump to top or bottom two lines forces scroll.
  • Place cursor at end of found text to ensure it is always visible.
  • Show hourglass cursor when compiling or executing a program.
  • Set dot(.) as punctuation when 'word skipping'.
  • Rationalise shared variable declarations.

Version 0.00.41 2012/06/23

  • Support escaped strings in .pls and .plh files
  • Internal changes to build processing.
  • Execute now works for console programs.
  • Ini file for .pls changed to allow console execution.
  • Scintilla upgraded to version 3.2.0.
  • Line position after undo/redo improved (not yet correct).

Version 0.00.40 2012/06/19

  • Internal changes to simplify MDI window creation.
  • Execute now works correctly for LynPlex files.
  • Project build now works correctly for projects that have a build file.
  • LynPlex files are now executed in a Windows console.
  • Internal changes to close/save all files.
  • When saving all files, only changed files are saved.
  • Internal changes to project file handling.

Version 0.00.39 2011/11/15

  • Use correct menu handle for View menu changes.
  • File names are now handled correctly on save (introduced in v0.00.38).
  • Drop default 'save as path' from compiler options.

Version 0.00.38 2011/11/15

  • Internal changes to 'ini' file handling
  • Convert all remaining XBLite code to LynPlex.

Version 0.00.37 2011/07/24

  • Change all string variable names in plex code to drop trailing dollar.
  • Change toolbar print option to show dialog first.

Version 0.00.36 2011/07/19

  • Folding now handles proc correctly.
  • Folding now ignores do do/loop/for/next.

Version 0.00.35 2011/07/17

  • Ignore escape character in strings for .plex files.
  • Show current line after an 'undo'/'redo'.
  • Stop reload prompt showing when creating a new file.

Version 0.00.34 2011/07/13

  • Change all for … next to for … do … end.
  • Extensive changes to remove dollar suffix from string names.
  • Get folding working properly with plex format languages.

Version 0.00.33 2011/03/12

  • Allow LynPlex (.plex) files to be executed within LynGuide.
  • Internal code changes to tool bar enable and disable.
  • Internal code changes to shell execution.
  • Another attempt to get string highlighting correct.

Version 0.00.32 2011/02/25

  • add support for PHP.
  • The Help menu is now dynamically generated from the contents of the Help folder.

Version 0.00.31 2010/11/20

  • Keywords are now shown correctly after a tab switch.
  • Internal code changes to MDI child activation.
  • Ignore escape character in strings for .plc and .bi files.

Version 0.00.30 2010/10/29

  • Keywords are now shown correctly after a tab switch.
  • Internal code changes to MDI child activation.
  • Internal code changes to window class names.
  • Store last file save time in file status entry.

Version 0.00.29 2010/10/24

  • Separate processing of multi-line comment from single line comment.
  • Support nesting of multi-line comments.

Version 0.00.28 2010/10/23

  • Keywords are now retrieved from the ini file for the file type.
  • Function finder now ignores all comment lines.

Version 0.00.27 2010/10/22

  • Replace all XBLite style function headers with LynPlex style.
  • Replace ' in all comment lines with //.
  • Find/Replace no longer offer to loop round the file indefinitely.

Version 0.00.26 2010/06/20

  • Internal code changes to auto completion.
  • Internal code changes to folding.
  • Internal code changes to tab/space swapping.

Version 0.00.25 2010/06/19

  • Improved function finding for code finder and tree view.
  • Internal code changes to program path handling.
  • Keywords table now loaded from an ini file.
  • Tools menu now only lists Windows shortcuts (.lnk).

Version 0.00.24 2010/06/13

  • Additional highlighting.
  • Find box closes immediately.
  • Internal code changes to Editor Options.

Version 0.00.23

  • Short file name was being truncated at 20 characters - increased to 40.
  • Internal code changes to Initialisation.
  • Internal code changes to AutoComplete.

Version 0.00.22

  • Scintilla version 2.12.
  • Problem with find in files not showing correctly has been corrected.
  • Problem in tree browser when saving files has been corrected.
  • Changes to next tab after a file is closed.
  • Tree browser improvements.

Version 0.00.21

  • Switch Window (Ctrl+W) code optimised.
  • Tab switching code optimised.
  • Tabs working correctly when two files with the same name are open.
  • Tree browser working correctly when two files with the same name are open.

Version 0.00.20

  • Switch to program window when program name clicked in tree browser.
  • Switch to program window and line when function/sub name clicked in tree browser.

Version 0.00.19

  • Tooltips for tabs show correctly.
  • Internal coding changes for tree browser notifications.

Version 0.00.18

  • Default file spec on 'find in files' changed to '*.*'.
  • Internal coding changes.
  • Changes to supported filetypes.

Version 0.00.17

  • Selected function from tree browser shown at line 11 in the window.
  • SUB shown as part of function in tree browser again.

Version 0.00.16

  • 'go to bookmark' options shown at line 11 in the window.
  • Additional highlighting.

Version 0.00.15

  • Get folding working properly with lowercase keywords.
  • Internal changes to block comment/uncomment.

Version 0.00.14

  • Highlight more file types.

Version 0.00.13

  • 'Show Assembler' now goes to current line again.
  • Show multiple files in tree view.
  • More 'go to' options shown at line 11 in the window.

Version 0.00.12

  • Show icons in tree view.
  • Running calculator no longer waits for completion.

Version 0.00.11

  • Change all tree view calls to use the Wimplex versions.
  • Change 'case' accelerator option in find/replace dialog.

Version 0.00.10

  • LynPlexC functions now found in code finder.
    • Code finder and tree browser list all functions and subs in a flat list.
  • First line of function now shown at line 11 in the window.
  • Go to line always shown at line 11 in the window.

Version 0.00.09

  • Highlighted keywords may now be mixed case.

Version 0.00.08

  • Extend build to whole project using LynMake.
  • Run now uses project file to find target.

Version 0.00.07

  • Add Open Project for an externally edited project file.
  • Add '//' to block comment/uncomment for .plx files.
  • Drop Tools from the Options menu. (The tools menu is dynamically generated from the contents of the Tools folder.)
  • Minor changes to menus

Version 0.00.06

  • Change Open/Save dialogs to default to LynPlex files.
  • Add an asterisk to the tab where a file has been changed.

Version 0.00.05

  • Rename to LynGuide.plx.
  • Change menu text to show Ctrl+H for Find and replace instead of Ctrl+R.
  • Change compiler options for WinMain/DLLMain to generate rather than suppress.

Version 0.00.04

  • Include colour coding for LynPlex style comments.

Version 0.00.03

  • Use Ctrl+H for Find and replace instead of Ctrl+R.
  • Find/Replace now asks to cycle on reaching the end (or beginning) of the document.

Version 0.00.02

  • On reload return to the current line and rebuild the function table.

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