LynGuide To Do List


  • After a (replace?) search where the target is not found, everything from the top to the current position is marked. Entering text there then deletes all that code.

To Do

  • Revamp ini file processing to:
    • Allow administrators to change default values.
    • Read both user and default values.
  • Get Find in files working like (as well as!) Dev-C++.
  • Invoke LynBuild to run compiles/builds.
    • Delete target exe/dll before calling LynBuild. (Necessary for LynBuild and ConPlex etc)
    • Change current directory for 'run' (Necessary for testing LynBuild).
  • Provide multiple language support
    • When LynPlexS has been modified to allow for arrays of types, rewrite the Scintilla styling options as an array.
    • Use Scite style ini files for highlighting etc.
    • Block Comment/Uncomment to use pre-defined line comment for file type.
    • Extend editor options to include colour coding for other languages.
  • Update about.html.
  • Add code for New Projects.
  • Get Find/Replace working like (as well as!) PSPad/Dev-C++.
  • Change compiler options to allow for a drop down list for the compiler name so that different versions of the XBLite/LynPlexS compiler, or other compilers, can be used. Store this information in the .ini file.
    • Extend compiler options to include a complete set of options for each compiler in the list.
  • Start to break code into smaller chunks.
  • Stop dubious Ctrl+x codes being inserted in the text. This happens following a change and the top/bottom has been reached but Yes/No is not clicked.
  • Tidy up MRU and stop duplicates appearing.
  • Apply default image to main window background.
  • Allow an administrator to update the main .ini file.
  • F3 does not continue to search upward following an upward search.
    • Should it when there is Shift+F3?
      • Yes - upward search could reverse normal F3/Shift+F3 action.
  • Keep function list in tree browser open, if already open, after recreating list.
  • Move closed files to the top of the MRU list.
  • Tools menu lists Windows shortcuts (.lnk), but they are absolute and not relative.
    • Need to have a file in the tools folder with relative links.
  • Incorporate a console program as a new window.
  • Port to Linux
    • Needs a major rewrite to achieve this.

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