1.10 Command Line and Instream Options

Command Line Options

The command line can be retrieved using the environ function with the “command” option.

command = environ("command")

To be implemented.
The command line arguments can be parsed using the CMDLINE statement. This defined what options are expected and to which variable each option should be assigned.


CMDLINE n1 n2 p1 p2 ... a1 a2 ...


PROC main ...

OPTION statement

The OPTION statement may be used to set up environment options and also run time options. Environment options are read and processed when the program is started. Run time options are processed whenever they are encountered during the execution of the program.

The general format of the OPTION statement is:

OPTION option value

See below for valid options.

Environment options


When this option is set LynPlex will display additional run time messages.


This option stops LynPlex from displaying additional run time messages. This is the default.



Sets the graphics run time resolution setting. Options are CHARS and PIXELS. Does nothing at the moment.

COMMAND command line

Sets the command line string to the rest of this statement. This can be used for testing.

Run Time Options


Under development

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