8.01 Interactive Mode

Introduction to Interactive Mode

Interactive Mode

Interactive mode is currently under development.

LynPlex has an interactive mode. For the older users among us, this feels very much like programming on early personal computer systems.

The interactive mode offers a quick editing, testing and debugging tool for LynPlex programs.

The interactive mode can also be used as a normal command-line shell. It will execute commands as a normal shell, but it can also store, edit and run LynPlex programs.

The line mode editor that is provided is quite basic and is only intended for use with small sections of code. For more complex editing an external editor should be used.

Starting Interactive Mode

You will automatically enter interactive mode if LynPlex is started without any arguments. A console window opens, containing a welcome message. This is followed by a prompt. You can then enter any console mode commands or a LynPlex program.

 LynPlex Interpreter
 Windows XP 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3
 Copyright 2009 LynPlex Ltd
 * Ready *


Current Directory

When starting interactive mode LynPlex display the current directory. This is where LynPlex will initially search for the scripts to be run.

Home Directory

To be implemented. Lynplex has the concept of a home directory as well as a current directory. This can be changed using the home command. The console display shows the current directory relative to the home directory.

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