LynPlex Interpreter Change Log

  • Bug: 'when' statement incorrectly finding end of condition when string contains colon.
  • Bug: 'console' statement does not automatically imply 'option put console'.
  • Bug: Documentation mentions 'option escape' but does not describe it.
  • Bug: Interpreter crashes when shared variable passed to a procedure.
  • Bug: 'unwrap' failing to strip trailing (“) when string contains (').

Version 0.01.01 2013/10/05

  • Internal changes to top level code (start of conversion from C++ to LynPlexC).

Version 0.01.00 2013/06/30

  • Bugfix: Local name-space not being searched first to find a variable.
  • Add debugbox function (internal debugging only).
  • Support system constants $$line, $$program and $$rc.
  • Return code from external and internal procedures is now accessible using $$rc.
  • Drop tick (`) as synonym of at(@) for variable recognition.

Version 0.00.19 2012/09/08

  • Drop elif command as synonym for elseif.

Version 0.00.18 2012/06/17

  • for is now optional after do when starting a for loop.
  • for, while and until can now be entered together in a single do statement.
  • Support dot (.) as synonym of at (@) to force variable recognition.
  • Correctly return command name for an evaluation exit only code (debug/trace).
  • Bug fix: Empty strings can not now be identified as numeric.

Version 0.00.17 2011/11/06

  • Try once again to get when statement right.
  • Add alphabetic options to fx function.
  • Drop tab function and equivalent fx option.
  • Extended assignment **= now works correctly.
  • Extended assignment ^= now supported.
  • Console output now selected automatically if console command used.

Version 0.00.16 2011/09/13

  • Change date option U to A.
  • Fix spurious check for to in when statement.
  • Fully implement console command options fullscreen, window, colour|color, clear, cursor, reset and beep.
  • Drop colour|color, cls and beep commands.
  • Change pause time to secs.msecs.
  • Drop delay command.
  • Drop support for ^ as power operator.
  • Allow ^ as synonym for xor.
  • Direct get prompts to correct device.

Version 0.00.15 2011/09/10

  • Re-instate console processing by using console command and option put console.
  • Internal changes to scan processing.

Version 0.00.14 2011/09/06

  • Support next case in select blocks.
  • Support exit select in select blocks correctly.

Version 0.00.13 2011/08/21

  • Correct spurious line continuation checks.
  • Support asis option for instream data.
  • Internal changes to parser processing.
  • In interactive mode dump command guesses if second number is count or range.

Version 0.00.12 2011/07/30

  • Show date and time of compilation in version string.
  • Support escaped strings (!”…..“).
  • Support exit select in select blocks.

Version 0.00.11 2011/07/17

  • Support for for … do … end.
  • Drop support for force as a synonym for for.

Version 0.00.10 2011/06/18

  • Temporarily drop support for for.
  • Support » or « following : or , as token for suppressing new line in put statements.
  • Temporarily run exec in the parent console.

Version 0.00.09 2011/05/29

  • Internal changes to output processing.
  • Internal changes to compound code block handling.
  • Temporarily support force as a synonym for for.

Version 0.00.08 2011/05/21

  • Internal changes to compound code block handling.
  • Internal changes to debug handling.
  • Support when all option in select.
  • Support :> as suppress new line operator in put.

Version 0.00.07 2011/04/20

  • Fix formatting error in put when line contains % sign.
  • Support as stream option on open statement. (incomplete)
  • Support variables for positioning when processing get template.

Version 0.00.06 2011/03/13

  • load now works correctly with *nix format text files (x0a terminated).
  • load no longer creates fake element 0 containing line count.
  • Error message formatting improved slightly.

Version 0.00.05 2011/02/27

  • Remove formatting from error messages.
  • Allow line continuation if last character is one of (,:+-/*\%|&_) or (..).
  • files match string is no longer case sensitive.

Version 0.00.04 2011/02/22

  • Current working directory was being incorrectly set to the same as the script.

Version 0.00.03 2010/12/12

  • files now handles sub-directories correctly.
  • load now handles empty lines correctly.
  • instr now returns zero on illogical request.
  • Ref variables (files, arrays etc) used as string arguments are now converted correctly.

Version 0.00.02 2010/11/06

  • Stop console reverting back to default size.
  • Stop spurious quote checking in get file processing.

Version 0.00.01 2010/10/19

  • right now allows for zero padding.
  • reverse now working.
  • Console input/output now starts off being directed to console.
  • Improvements to internal handling of strings.

Version 00017146

  • New put option on option statement.
  • put console, syserr/stderr, sysout/stdout now work as intended.
  • Improved console handling.
  • Function 'int' now converts negative values from binary strings correctly.
  • Incorrect parameter count on calls is now trapped correctly.
  • put at() now works correctly when only column is entered.
  • time() now works correctly when called twice on the same line.
  • seed() is now called at the start of every program in interactive mode.
  • format() now works with multiple parameters.
  • Improvements to internal handling of arrays.
  • Improvements to internal handling of parameters to functions.
  • Improvements to general stability.

Version 00016718

  • Major rewrite to internal handling of variables.
  • Major rewrite to temporary variable handling.
  • Major changes to internal handling of strings.
  • Expressions as arguments are now being evaluated correctly.
  • Improvements to distinguishing between variables and functions in expressions.
  • Major upgrade of console handling.
  • Improvements to error handling.

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