LynPlexS Compiler

LynPlexS is a simple and fairly low-level language. It is designed for system programming and similar tasks rather than application programming.


Provides a general overview of the history of LynPlexS and describes the features of the language.

Programmer's Guide

Guide to the LynPlexS language.

Language Reference

Reference guide to the LynPlexS keywords.

Function Libraries

Reference guide to the LynPlexS function libraries.

Getting Started

Background information and requirements for the LynPlex interpreter and the LynPlexS compiler. It also shows how to download and install them.

Demo Programs Listing

A listing with descriptions of all the demo programs.

Manual Revison History

Revision history.

Support the LynPlex Project

Ways in which you can support the LynPlex project.

LynPlexS Programming

Converting from other languages

Converting a C Project

When converting a C project into LynPlexS, it is best to do it one module at a time. That way you can check out each change before moving on to the next.

There are two similar approaches that can be taken. They mainly differ in which branch you want to consider as the main one and what actually determines which branch is the main one is how you link the final module.

Either way you create part of the code as a executable library and then link it with the rest of the code to form the final executable module.

As the LynPlexS branch will eventually become the only branch it is really only a question of when you change from one to the other. To put it simply, the sooner the better.


It is probably best to start with a module that is at the top of the hierarchy or at the bottom. This is determined by who calls the module and who it call in turn. If it only calls other modules (e.g. the main module) or is only called by other modules (e.g. a service module) then it is a good place to start.

Change Log

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