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 +====== Data ======
 +===== Data =====
 +It is all very well being able to display "Hello World" in a variety of ways, but IT is about Information. ​ Before it became Information Technology it was Data Processing and, despite the change of name, it still is.  Even if you only ever use your computer for playing games you are still processing data.
 +Generally data can be broken down into two categories, //​constants//​ and //​variables//​. ​ In addition constants can come in the form of literal values or a symbolic name representing a value.
 +There are some things in this world that never change. ​ PI is one of those. ​ The temperatures at which water freeze and boil at sea level are others. ​ These values are considered constant.
 +There are other things that are constantly changing. ​ The time is never ever the same from one moment to the next.  Such things are variable.
 +LynPlex allows you to define both types of data.
 +===== Literals =====
 +A literal is a numeric value or a character string that is coded within the source code. The value never changes and it always means exactly what is says.  ​
 +===== Constants =====
 +A constant can be used to hold a value that never changes or at least does not change while a program is being run.  Conceptually it is a value carved in stone. ​ A constant differs from a literal in that it is a symbolic name rather than an actual value.
 +===== Variables =====
 +A variable can be used to hold data that changes and may have many different values while a program is being run.  A variable can be thought of as a box or a pigeon hole in which a piece of paper is stored. ​ The paper has the current value for whatever piece of information is being held there. ​ The paper can be removed, changed and then put back.
 +===== Page Links =====
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